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ArrayShield IDAS securely Access Cloud Applications

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Posted on -Monday, June 18, 2012    By VARINDIA Correspondent
  ArrayShield IDAS securely Access Cloud Applications 

ArrayShield has announced that the cloud applications can now be securely accessed with ArrayShield's IDAS 2FA. IDAS Pattern based Two Factor Authentication can be integrated with any Cloud/SaaS applications using SAML protocol.


ArrayShield Pattern Based Two Factor Authentication uses sequential pattern recognition and a translucent card to identify users. Users choose a memorable pattern as their secret and carry a unique translucent card that masks the grid displayed on the screen. Every time they log on, they are presented with a challenge Array of random characters, which will be displayed on their computer screen. They then overlap the Arraycard and enter those values that are present in their remembered pattern, creating a secure, one-time secret-code at every login. So even if hacker is able to crack the one-time-code as the same is not valid for the next transaction, the user's identity details are not compromised.

Pavan Thatha, CEO, ArrayShield, said, "We have come up with a practical solution to address the secure access of Cloud applications with ArrayShield's IDAS 2FA. It is easy and cost effective. Now, CIOs will get a peace of mind on the worry of Data loss and can leverage the cost-effective cloud services which were not considered before because of the security issues centred around cloud."

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