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Huawei announces UMTS HetNet Macro-Micro Co-Carrier

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Posted on -Thursday, December 6, 2012    By VARINDIA Correspondent
  Huawei announces UMTS HetNet Macro-Micro Co-Carrier 

Huawei has launched a UMTS HetNet (Heterogeneous Network) Macro-Micro Co-Carrier Network solution that increases network capacity up to four times. The solution features the rational planning of macro-micro spatial positioning and same-frequency carrier usage for macro and micro base stations to significantly alleviate network traffic pressure in high-traffic areas. This ensures that users have free-flowing access to mobile broadband services in even the busiest hotspots anytime, anywhere.

The increasing diversity of mobile broadband services and growing smartphone penetration have resulted in massive data traffic growth. In crowded hotspot areas, such as shopping malls, event sites and commercial streets, large groups of people making calls and consuming data traffic in the same area at the same time leads to network congestion. This can make it difficult to provide basic communication services and consistent user experience. 

Wang Yixiang, Huawei President for UMTS Wireless Networks, said, “Huawei has insight into the critical needs of our customers, and rapidly develops innovative solutions to meet these needs. We believe Huawei’s industry-leading UMTS HetNet Macro-Micro Co-Carrier Network solution will help operators face their networking challenges and seize today’s mobile broadband opportunities to achieve even greater success.”

Commercial trials for Huawei’s UMTS HetNet Macro-Micro Co-Carrier Network solution have been conducted in Spain, the Czech Republic and Mexico. Trial results on commercial networks have shown a four times increase in network capacity in scenarios of one macro base station plus four micro base stations.

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