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Regarding GST, it is good in a way for us because earlier in the VAT regime all our products were in Right to Use of Goods which is treated as a sale...Read more..

GST is good in one way but going in a way of one tax, one nation, especially if you talk about one particular sector will be better.  People...Read more..

After the introduction of GST from July 2017, there was a panic in the market. People did not know what is happening, government was changing informat...Read more..

GST has proved a boon for our business. The advantage of GST is single billing and can sell products anywhere in the country, particularly when I impo...Read more..

 We have been in the business for the last 15 years. We are partners for Dell, Lenovo and HP. As anything which gets newly implemented, there is...Read more..

From the perspective of Association, we have done justice in trying to ease in GST for our 320 members. We have conducted various fellowships before...Read more..

The challenges that we faced before GST was like inter-state transactions because there was no input credit that was available. We used to have confus...Read more..

The benefit of GST implementation is that we have come almost at par with those companies which used to import materials through different channels wi...Read more..

Supreme Computers has been engaged in HP peripherals business for over 15 years. Post GST implementation, I do not find any changes as far as my busin...Read more..