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SMBs Are Under Threat: IT Security Survey

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Posted on -Friday, November 30, 2012    By VARINDIA Correspondent
  SMBs Are Under Threat: IT Security Survey 

A Global IT Security Risks survey, conducted by B2B International for Kaspersky Lab has revealed that small and medium-sized businesses are typically more vulnerable to viruses, worms, spyware and other malicious programs. Figures showed that 63% of small companies and 60% of medium-sized organizations have faced malware within their networks over the last 12 months. Larger companies, by contrast, tend to suffer more from other threats, such as corporate espionage, phishing and DDoS attacks.

The same research shows that smaller organizations implement fewer or less well-developed IT security measures than large-scale enterprises. 19% of small companies and 15% of medium-sized companies agreed that they are reactive, focusing on IT security only after a breach has occurred. Less than a quarter of SMBs rate themselves as “really proactive”.

In addition, larger enterprises have a higher level of awareness and IT security competency. About half of these enterprises recognize only licensed and paid security solutions, while 70% of respondents from small companies and 58% of medium-sized businesses believe that unlicensed products can also provide the required protection. These findings demonstrate that SMBs are at risk due to poor IT security. It’s essential to change attitudes towards this risk, and enhance protection levels, in order to keep businesses safe.

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