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The world has been always vulnerable and unsecure. The primary reason of insecurity of the world is greed of human being. The greed of power and money is the primary source of security problem. This is arising due to non-adoptability of complete spirituality.

Human is still finding the reason of its being and understanding what is best for him to do in life to fulfill the purpose of life. Till the time answer is accepted and followed, mankind is following certain rules of development defined by mankind. The rule of development i.e. win against another human is really dangerous which is followed by the world. The entire world is in race to be better against other human who has created competition, hate across the humanity. This race of becoming powerful or successful has created insecurity across humanity. Unless we come out of this race, there is no real security.
When we talk about datacenter security, there are three types of threats and challenges. 
•    Protecting data lost
•    Protecting system from unavailability 
•    Protecting data from theft. 

First two kind of problems focuses on overall data lost and system availability. For example, if there is fire, flood or any accident, it can create data lost and unavailability of services. If this act is done purposely it is called as DoS (Denial of Service). The best method to address both of these first two problems is distributed system architecture. The application and database should be distributed across multiple datacenters. The traffic of application should be handled by multiple datacenter simultaneously. If data is spread across multiple datacenter then even if anything goes wrong at one place or at one datacenter, data and system is available at other places. Backup using Object storage methodology at multiple datacenter also keeps data safe. CDN service is one of the best examples of this kind of solution. 

Anil Chandaliya
Chief Innovation Officer - ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.

The threat of data theft is always from two entities. One is from known sources and second is from unknown sources. The threat from known sources is always major as compare to unknown sources. Unknown sources are really not familiar with you or your data therefore threat from them can be protected using various tools. However the threat from known sources is always bigger as known sources always have full information about yourself, your data, and importance of that data and objective to damage. It is always important to identity the potential known sources who can damage. Known sources are generally our employees, vendors, competitors and so on. The best way to protect from known sources is to make them ‘yours’ in real manner. Although it is not always possible to make everyone happy but efforts in that directions should be made consciously to tackle such human threat. 

The problem from known sources is primarily of two types. One is physical theft of data and second is remotely theft of data. The probability of physical theft of data in cloud era or distributed system is really very less and would not be preferable way for any intruder. Therefore the remaining focused should be on mitigating virtual/remote data theft way. Remote data theft is done using tools. Although the rival is between humans however tools fight for human being. In Early years of the world, human used to fight with own organs directly however over the period of tools/weapons fights for human. Therefore to protect from tool attack, better tools are require. Certainly there are many tools available in market to protect various threats from other tools. The available tools like antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spamming, end point protections, application control change system and encryption and so on.

The problem of data theft happens at two places - either in-transit or on stored data. The solutions can be different for different size of company. For example for small size of organizations, adopting available tools in market is best solution however for large and medium size organizations whose yearly expenditure is above 100 crore Rupees should be different. For mitigating the in-transit problems, the organization must adopt encryption. End to end encryption right from end user to data storage is good option. For stored data, the mid and large organization should really get their own protocol of storing data or database system developed. When there is complete enclosed system and others don’t have information about data representation, data value meaning, it would be difficult to theft data. Therefore own closed system is always better solutions for large and mid-size organization. We all know there are countries in the world who develop weapons, creates fear in the world and then sale weapons to others to protect. If this is possible with countries, there is possibility it can happen with security organizations as well.

Tools which can be used to mitigate against tools depend upon type of threat. However datacenter should start adopting system which are ‘inter communicable’ and based on deep learning, artificial intelligence.  For example, if someone has deployed system of anti-virus, database activity monitoring, NDIS, IPS, end point protection, application control system, SIEM then all these system should have intelligence to talk to each other and pass-on threat messages to each other so that every protection system can act itself to protect all doors for intruder.  Continuous monitoring of all activities using SIEM and application behavior monitoring system is important which can identify unusual activity and notify. Based on these unusual activities, security engineers should start investigating and protecting it. As conclusion of this, tools don’t require data, data is useful for mankind and therefore along with tools protections system, the focus should be how to protect root cause of insecurity.