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"We used Telit’s GE910 2G module, UL865 3G module. Now, we are planning to use LE910 4G module. We use all the modules specifically for data transfer as we get better performance for speed on Telit. The modules were used for Embedded products like BMC Smart Box which is used to monitor Bulk Milk Coolers, Prompt E-Panel a digital signage system designed specifically for the dairy industry, Data Processor Unit (DPU) a hardware device used for milk collection in Village Dairy Cooperative Societies (VDCS) and for Prompt AMCS (Automatic Milk Collection System) which is a common application for Village Diary Cooperative Societies and Milk Unions. Many of our customers mentioned that due to Telit’s reliable and fast services, they could store their data easily and quickly over cloud, thereby saving time. Overall Telit provides excellent support like solutions for technical issues, design reviews and logistics”, says Mr. Bhautik Kothadia, Project Manager, Prompt Group...