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Digital Technology is tantamount to Smarter Technology

November 2012 Edition
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Posted on -Wednesday, November 21, 2012    By VARINDIA Correspondent
  Digital Technology is tantamount to Smarter Technology 

S.Mohini Ratna

Digital technology plays a pivotal role in terms of reaching out to the right audience. The recent presidential elections in the US, which catapulted Democratic candidate Barack Obama once gain to Presidency, is a case in point.

According to the findings of a study, it has emerged that Obama used data mining technology with a precision that has been never seen before. By using this technology, the Obama campaigners were able to collect data about the potential voters which, in a way, gave him a crucial edge over his Republican challenger Romney. The Indian elections in the recent past have also witnessed this trend and it is now clear that the poll campaigns will be launched in the virtual world on a greater scale in the coming times.

Now, it can be safely said that cloud computing transition from hype to part of every enterprise's reality is nearing completion. Today, the worth of public cloud services is estimated to be at US$109 billion. What is more, there is complete unanimity among experts that by 2015 the cloud will create 14 million jobs worldwide and US$1.1 trillion a year in new business revenues. 

According to various estimates, the number of India's mobile users will cross 1 billion by December 2012. This will be a catalyzing factor for the increase in the number of Internet users. Put together, they will create several opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors for creating innovative business models. However, the stakeholders will softpedal the security concerns at their own peril.  The recent Shamoon virus attack on the Saudi Arabian oil company Aramco resulted in the infection of 20,000 computers, a signal indicative of a tough battle ahead.

Consumer behaviour is changing fast. Against this backdrop, there is an overriding need for constant innovation and re-engineering, coupled with right mix of products and an in-depth understanding of needs of the consumers. Needless to say, the role of technology should be of prime importance.

So, it is incumbent on the vendors to offer and deliver nothing short of the best to their VARs who are apparently the arteries of technology business. This is what was gauged from the recently held panel discussions among the IT associations, IT distributors and IT companies at the 11th Star Nite Awards - 2012. Held recently in New Delhi, VARINDIA Star Nite Awards is considered a premium diary date for the Indian channel community. What sets this VARINDIA Awards event from its earlier versions was the recognition of the Technology Evangelists by the corporates. Technology Evangelists have a major role to play in developing custom standards to meet specific Indian conditions by suitably reviewing existing standards and to create an ecosystem for manufacturing in the country moving towards digitalization. 

In the next issue which will mark the end of 2012, we promise you to provide new information capsules… 

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