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S Mohini Ratna Editor VARINDIA With the upcoming budget likely to focus on promoting the culture of product development and innovation, the econo...Read more..

By VARINDIA    2015-07-03

S Mohini Ratna Editor VARINDIA New Year is about a fresh start. A start should be invigorating and inspiring and bring success and happiness...Read more..

 S Mohini RatnaEditorVARINDIAThe Union Budget for 2014-15 presented by the Union Government promises growth and development. Indian entrepreneurs...Read more..

S. Mohini Ratna,Editor-VARINDIA Ideas continue to flourish and multiply. This is also true of the ICT industry where new thinking and fresh ideas...Read more..

S. Mohini Ratna,Editor-VARINDIAWith the increase of security threats in geometrical progression, it does not require the genius of a rocket scientist...Read more..

S. Mohini RatnaEditorVARINDIA As the Indian IT market matures in the coming times, it can be said with certainty that rather than being a seller&...Read more..

S Mohini RatnaEditor VARINDIAAs the convergence of Cloud, mobile computing, social media and analytics is nearing completion, it has all the pote...Read more..

S Mohini RatnaEditor VARINDIA Going by the rapid advancements being made in the technology sphere, it is incumbent on CIOs to understand what lie...Read more..

S.Mohini RatnaEditor-VARINDIADigital technology plays a pivotal role in terms of reaching out to the right audience. The recent presidential elections...Read more..