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S. Mohini Ratna,Editor-VARIndiaThere was a time when competitive edge was determined by the number of services you had. With the proliferation of tech...Read more..

S. Mohini Ratna, Editor - VARIndiaA turbulent US market does not augur well for the Indian IT outsourcing sector. This is obvious because it acco...Read more..

S.Mohini Ratna,Editor-VARIndiaA year ago, it would have defied imagination that Cabinet ministers, powerful politicians, senior officials and CEOs wou...Read more..

By VARINDIA    2011-06-21

 S. Mohini Ratna,Editor-VARIndiaInternet is being transformed by the rapid adoption of cloud computing. The number of devices being connected to...Read more..

S.Mohini Ratna,EditorVARIndiaThe recent decision of the Union Cabinet to allow the semiconductor industry to set up two chip manufacturing plants at a...Read more..

S.Mohini Ratna,Editor-VARIndiaThe increase in the Centre and State spending in the Budget for the financial year 2011-12 stands testimony to the India...Read more..

By VARINDIA    2011-03-18

S. Mohini Ratna,Editor-VARIndiaThere is no denying that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of any economy, be it developed or devel...Read more..

S Mohini  RatnaEditor of Varindia  January was the action-packed month for the telecom space in India when MNP (Mobile Number Portabili...Read more..

S. Mohini Ratna,Editor-VARIndia I wish all our readers and partners a very Happy New Year! What a start to the year, the technology phenomenon ch...Read more..