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As a sidenote, if you’re a individual that PSO2 Meseta is not making Timed Ability Data for individuals, you should think about selling your crystals (naverius crystalclear, amduskia crystal, etc). This is because the crystals have been used for timed ability data generation ONLY. Requesting a timed capacity to put on your unit from someone else does not require these crystals in any respect. The crystals drop in pretty much any material in a world. (Advanced Quests seem like why wopal is indeed insanely cheap right now as a sidenote, and also the absence of an advanced quest or ultimate quest for earth is probably one of the biggest reasons ground crystals are super expensive)

This guide pretty much answered all of my remaining questions except one. How can I actually increase the level of my Main Impact and/or sub effects? My TA crafting level is currently 32, if I raise it to 40 or even 50 will my crafts arrive with greater rolls? Or once I unlock the Planet’General’ will it be at Max Main Effect and also the sub-effect ranges in your image? At the moment none of my sub effects can roll up to 50 on any of my crafts. Thanks for the guide! Particular zones have higher effects. ARKS Fleet 3 maxes at level 3 effect. The planet ones maximum at 5. Ahhhh I see, well that describes a lot lol… but my next question, essentially, would be why continue down the update paths? What’s the advantage from completing that Drive Line when the rolls are already maxed out at level 3? Is there any?

Are these PSO2 Meseta for sale especially desirable/become compulsory in JP articles?

Asked on December 2, 2020 in Hardware.
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