Difference between VPS hosting and Cloud Hosting

VPS hosting is a partition of a dedicated server. It acts as a stand-alone server but is actually a stand-alone folder on a powerful physical hosting system that also hosts other virtual servers for other clients. Although you share space on physical hosting, your virtual server is independent of others.

A VPS can be restarted without affecting the other VPS on this machine. You have a server operating system with root access and you can install the software as you would if you had a dedicated hosting plan with your own server. Part of the processor and memory of the physical hosting is dedicated to your VPS, but you also share additional resources with the other virtual servers.

Cloud hosting refers to a potentially unlimited number of machines connected to a network that act as one: they include a cloud. Virtual machines all use the same data stored on separate networked servers, which are also connected to a network acting as a data storage center. You get a complete infrastructure of connected servers and data storage.

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Asked on August 29, 2020 in Networking.
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