I believe I clarified as much in’Access the Mini Game

Telling her that you do not have the OSRS gold time and may return for a pup (what a lie:-p) after stretching you are legs for a little. Prior to getting the opportunity to leave she asks you to deliver a parcel she palms to you over to her (possibly ) of her neighbor in the hunter store. Talk to one of those neighbors and about the option screen it’ll give you an option of moving with whatever it is they do or handing them the package and interrogating him about it.

Apparently he has drunk too much because he goes on about what she found and states its best secret he can’t tell anybody not even youpersonally, but he can anyway. What he tells you’re great! She discovered a method of earning charms, he tells you she said its dangerous to try it but if you go talk to her you can persuade her to let you”test it out” and you move into a cut scene in which she picks up the pillow in the puppy pen and puts down it a couple of places away.

Underneath it is…a trapdoor!! She then goes on to inform you It used to be secured when she moved in but one of her puppies (the bulldog) was yanking on it flip open along with the bolts broke. When she moved their Rs 3 gold she saw a cavern full of ores along with a”furnace-portal” when you ask her about this”furnace-portal” she says that’s the best she could describe it then asks you to leave your dog (if its you) together with her she does not want it to die to. You have an option today to jump over the pencil, do so then open up the trap door and go down their.

Asked on April 7, 2021 in Mobility.
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