What is the GST rates for watches

I need to buy the watches for my sister and brother. It should be comfortable and getting quality of working. I am choosing the best website for buying that. My friend to be given some of brands for buying that. I am choosing the best watches. And it is getting 5 stars and good reviews also. The best and quality watches are more available in online. What is the GST rates for watches? Why the watch rate is getting more? Please tell me the different types of sources to follow for selecting the great watch for them. My husband is also buying quality in online. But i cannot find that. He is also supporting me for searching. I love to find the products in online. I am getting more experience in buying the products in online. My friend mostly using the mobile payment for those products.

She is also looking the kitchen products for her. Online products are mostly getting price high when compare to offline buying. My father is given their money to me for buying cycle for him. So please friends helping me to find those products in online. And given me the GST rate for those products here. I need to know the more products with GST rates in online. I am available in chat. Did you have any idea for me? Please give your post here. I am also watching the post for collecting the best answer. I am using my mobile for reply that and choosing the best website for collecting GST news. My friend is getting the GST news and updates and i can use that for developing my knowledge. I have needed the above details here. Did you paid any tax amount in online. And tell me the tips for paying that here

Asked on February 12, 2019 in Security.
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