What Is The Rating of Facundo Campazzo In NBA 2K21?

The Argentine base will make his debut tonight in the NBA, but also in the best basketball game of today. He looks at how he looks in it and what virtues and defects stood out. Be careful, he is not the only compatriot who is in this version.

Facundo Campazzo generated a revolution since his arrival in Denver. Not only because he was fulfilling his dream of playing in the NBA, according to him, but also because of the appreciation of his own teammates, who quickly dubbed him “Spider-Man” and who praised him. As if all that were not enough, while he waits to make his official debut in the season (tonight against the Sacramento Kings) there was a new event that will make everyone happy: the official inclusion of him in NBA 2K21.

There are fans coming to watch the game every day, hoping to see him in the team, so when the last patch comes out, social networks are full of arrests and information. Some of them have a common view of their avatars, which they say is far from them, others are happy and welcome, while the vast majority of the public are concerned about their overall evaluation and statistics.

Facu is listed as “gateway base” and emphasizes its game organization ability (a -) and triple ability (b). The average score of this debate is 73 NBA 2K21 MT points, but it must be pointed out that there is not much difference between this debate and other people’s debates, and it is acceptable, because this is a “rookie”, that is to say, the first in the league.

Other Argentines in the game

Kampazo is not the only compatriot to be found in the game, as two appear as part of the history team and the other as a free agent.

The first is Manu Ginobili, because it’s impossible. There are three different versions in Bahrain, one from the history team of San Antonio Spurs (with an average valuation of 90), and the other from the 04 / 05 (87) and 13 / 14 (83) seasons.

Next up is Luis scura Luifa is part of the Houston rocket school 2007 / 08 season and the 13 / 14 Indiana space school. The former is 78 percentage NBA 2K MT points, while the latter is 73 percentage points.

Finally, we can also find Leandro bolmaro, who currently works in Barcelona but belongs to the Sacramento king. In this game, he was a freelancer with an overall score of 71 points.

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