Without upgrades such as this runescape would perish

The thing with  RS gold, as well as all technology, is they are constantly advancing. Think back to when runescape was initially launched 13-ish years back – consider how technology and gambling as a whole have advanced in the previous thirteen years. Think about how many runescape players (myself included) left for additional MMORPGs that use a similar action bar system. Of course I am talking of World of Warcraft. Now I am not saying runescape should be like WOW, maybe not at all, but many moos now follow the EOC-style HCI. Why do 99% do so?

Since its proven to work. Without upgrades such as this runescape would perish, not just from a game perspective, but from a business perspective. Jagex at the end of the afternoon is a business that has to pay its employees, pay tax and first and foremost make a gain. If they did not keep runescape on par with competition it would quickly lose out.

Progression and adaption is critical to all things in existence, but with technologies it is even more significant. You make the point that humans have been the dominant race through changing their sorroundings, but that is a very different thing. I don’t know how old you are but believe on the previous twenty years – we, as technology users, have had to accommodate – through using VCR to CD to DVD, through the usage of distinct interfacing devices (touchscreen is a huge one).

In the world of engineering, which gaming falls into, adaptation is nessecary by the end user. I’m sure you’d rather see Runescape stay current with its competition and survive a lot more years – however with a backward attitude of”no significant upgrades cos we do not like them” runescape is set to gradually burn out.

EoC isn’t really the issue. To me, it is simply more clicking for the exact same result, and the highlight is having the ability to queue emotes. WoW I utilize 80 odd keys and there is a minigame involved with exercising DPS improvements or working out new tactics in PvP. Although I am an old fan of thoughts controlling foes off waterfalls.

How EoC came into being is your matter. Imposed upon gamers. One Jmod recently published about a poster on forums revealing some bugs in BA, it was good constructive feedback. After posters remarked that all these bugs had been found and delivered to cheap RuneScape gold from the beta, yet they made it to live. So players were not involved in the start, some two years ago, nor at the end.

Asked on October 24, 2020 in Hardware.
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