Yeah all of the EO hardcores of that I used to be among

Definitely some issues to tackle still, but actually a solid platform to construct on.And it is pretty to look at. A few of the EVE Mobile ISK gates and stations are stunning.The day they add the possibility to get better ships or weapons only via IRL money, or significantly more easily via IRL cash versus in-game money/farming, I will cancel my omega and re install the game.And I hope everybody will do the same. We cannot accept P2W games, or even that EE becomes one of these games where whales predominate by spending DOZENS of tens of thousands of dollars. This is simply absurd and just not fun.Edit simply to say that this way I have loved EE. None of the P2W shit asking people to invest hundreds of dollars to complete a weekly event (yes, I’m talking about you, Idle Heroes)

Guy buys ship. Guy flexes on friends about new ship. Guy takes ship to nulsec thinking he will pwn noobs. Guy gets clogged down and shattered. Guy loses 100 bucks and his mind.Bring on p2w ships infant. The community will annihilate them.Haha yeah, that’s what happens with current manner EVE Echoes ISK For Sale (and echoes) plex system works.OP ships that could only be purchased with RL money would be dreadful. Rich (RL) players would dominate with these, while other good players that don’t want to spend tons of money would be left behind. That is P2W and it is bad.

Asked on January 21, 2021 in Mobility.
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