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Ricoh brings printing as a service platform




Ricoh has introduced a Printer-as-a-Service platform (PaaS). The lineup consists of two models - SP 313 SFNW_V, Printer, Copier, Scanner & Fax and SP 313DNW_V, Printer. 


The PaaS platform developed exclusively ensures the machine uptime is maximized through real-time monitoring of machine status and proactively taking care of maintenance requirements. 


Through this platform, one can pay a fixed cost per print irrespective of coverage area, bringing in predictability in print costs and ensuring complete transparency in usage. 


PaaS printers come with genuine high-capacity toner cartridges that need to be replaced less frequently than ordinary cartridges. In addition, they are equipped with M2M (Machine- to-machine communication), which communicates with the Ricoh PaaS Platform to inform when the toner is about to run out, ensuring delivery of a new toner cartridge before the current one runs out, ensuring effective toner management. 


M2M supports in Service Management sending alerts when a fault is detected, ensuring a technician is already on the way. 


PaaS Platform provides the usage status details to the owner that can be monitored online, simplifying resource management. For instance, if these devices are installed at multiple sites, the head office can maintain oversight on deployment efficiency online.

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