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A strong marketing mix determines the maximum return on investments for Dell

The success mantra of Dell EMC in 2016-17 has been hinged around 4 key pillars -


* A strong and experienced team with a positive and open attitude - The people at Dell EMC are its greatest strength in terms of delivering value to customers and partners in this environment

* Ability to look beyond traditional business horizons and drive marketing innovation – this includes the company’s powerful messages, innovative marketing vehicles and a high-performing marketing mix

* Marketing by numbers – anchoring its marketing programs to drive on strong business outcomes and keeping every element of a campaign (segmentation, targeting, outcomes) fully measureable and accountable

* Distilling its vast product portfolio into messages  - these messages can be easily consumed and absorbed by its target segments combined with making its messages easy and customer-centric


“Our campaigns start with looking at any situation with the customer-first lens. Listening and understanding the customer helps us tailor, target and personalize our message. It is also important to drive the sense of agility in everything because digital and its impact on businesses in India today is immense and every business is rapidly transforming today. This diligence on every campaign around “what we say”, “whom we say it to” and “how we say it” – determines our messaging, targeting and marketing vehicle mix. Our choice of the marketing vehicle mix is geared towards driving superior efficiency which enables maximum returns for our investment in terms of both dollars and resource time,” says Srihari Palangala, Director, Marketing, India - Dell EMC.


Dell Technologies has a vast portfolio of products and services across the three pillars of IT, workforce and security transformation for organizations. While the portfolio is vast, it is important that it be complemented adequately with partners for a holistic outcome for its customers. These partners deepen geographic and vertical reach, integrated services, customer fulfilment, and technology capabilities offered to customers. Dell EMC also has a powerful partner program that has been widely accepted and welcomed by partners across India. This combination has helped its reach across the country – as new pockets of growth emerge among tier-2, tier-3 markets beyond cities.


Srihari Palangala
Director, Marketing, India - Dell EMC


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