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Acer strives to deliver customer experience by simplifying technology to them

A great marketer knows that his job doesn’t end at just acquiring customers. CMOs need to do give an engaging brand experience right from purchase to after sales and even though some of these departments do not fall under CMOs direct purview it is critical that brand experience is consistent and delightful. Great CMOs are a sales man, a brand evangelist, a communication expert and of course a great leader.

As the CMO and Head of the Consumer Business at Acer, Chandrahas Panigrahi has been successful in positioning the Acer brand as the fastest growing PC brand. Recently it has opened an exclusive store in Tripura that shows its commitment to deliver brand experience to consumers across the country with full assortment of products.

“At Acer our philosophy of breaking barriers between people and technology drives us to offer a brand experience where we ensure great technology reaches to a wide variety of consumers backed by award winning customer support system. 2016-17 saw Acer being crowned with various awards both in India and globally, notably the Golden Peacock Award, Brand Excellence award and Retail award. This has come on the back of some record breaking launches like the Swift 7, Predator gaming laptops to name a few,” states Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO and Consumer Business Head - Acer India.

Talking about digitization, Chandrahas says that the country will definitely evolve with the advent of new innovations in both hardware and software space. “The IT landscape has been constantly evolving and changing; many new trends are expected to emerge and some of them will definitely go a long way in improving the lives of users around the country. Digital transformation is a true change agent and with right partners companies can really scale up their business. New technologies and data analytics opens up perspectives and opportunities which businesses can exploit. Having said that with more critical data moving online security should be a paramount infrastructure which if companies ignore will be at their peril. Every day we see new threats coming through internet and both government and companies should have the foresight to ensure data is protected at any cost from malicious agents,” says Chandrahas.


Chandrahas Panigrahi
CMO and Consumer Business Head - Acer India