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Avi Networks to address modern Data Center and Cloud customers

Avi Networks has announced year-over-year bookings growth of 440 per cent while tripling the number of customers during the same period. Enterprises are drawn towards Avi Networks future-proof solutions as they look to deploy applications across on-premises and cloud environments using bare metal, virtual machines, and containers. Furthering growth, Avi Networks entered into a strategic reseller agreement with Cisco where the Avi Platform is now offered on the Cisco Global Price List to enterprises looking to replace legacy load balancing solutions.


“Global 2,000 customers are placing their load balancer refresh decisions on hold as they automate their environments or rethink their strategies for the cloud and containers. Avi is benefiting from these trends as we address both traditional as well as modern use-cases,” says Amit Pandey, Chief Executive Officer for Avi Networks. “Applications are the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. IT organizations can no longer be straight-jacketed by costly appliance-centric approaches and limitations of incumbent vendors.”


The cloud is transforming how enterprises consume IT resources, which has sparked demand for elastic, automated, and analytics-driven services, such as load balancing, across data center and cloud environments. Hardware-confined solutions are unable to provide the agility and economies of scale required by modern enterprises. Only Avi Networks provides enterprise-grade features agnostically on a per-tenant or per-application basis, so IT organizations get the functionality, visibility, and control they need for on-premises and cloud-native applications. In addition, Avi’s flexible, on-demand scaling, and subscription licensing model eliminates the problem of wasteful over-provisioning to account for infrequent traffic spikes, common to hardware load balancers.


Avi Networks has opened a new security focused R&D facility in Germany and quadrupled Engineering, R&D and product teams in India with a new office in Bangalore. The company has also strengthened its sales, support, training and professional services across the globe.


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