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Barracuda gives an edge to Partners with latest technologies to secure customer business

Murali Urs
Country Manager – India 
Barracuda Networks


Pioneer of advanced technology, Barracuda Networks was launched to give email-protection to businesses. The company is known for disrupting the security market with innovative solutions. It aims to protect customers, data and applications from ever evolving threats with the most comprehensive IT security platform backed by customer support. 

Talking about the evolving landscape of the security industry, Murali Urs, Country Manager - India, Barracuda Networks highlights, “Security is an evolving space. Barracuda is a pioneer of a lot of new cutting-edge technologies. One of the biggest things that we are doing is spear phishing which is a big threat for customers. Worldwide it is one of the biggest sources for the money earning for adversaries. But a lot of customers do not talk about it because spear phishing is something that people would like to hide it. In Barracuda we have solutions which help people to find out spear phishing. Apart from that our solutions are cloud ready. So we arm the partners and help customers to address the existing situation and with our ever evolving AI and Machine Learning Technologies that we have adopted, we are able to churn on more technologies to help customers address the upcoming challenges.”

Partners always look upto new ways to address customers and security is the best way as cyber security is the most dynamic industry presently. The company with its array of solutions arm its Partners to address their customer demand and equip them with latest technologies.      


“Partners are looking at new avenues to address customers, so security is a very good avenue for them to get into it and a never ending challenge. Lots of technologies are available and Barracuda provides huge opportunity for partners to address the customers not only from optimizing the infrastructure but as the industry evolves towards the Cloud, Barracuda provides fantastic platform for partners to work with us because our solutions are cloud ready and we are able to help them work with their customers to give solutions to protect infrastructure on cloud as well. So the partners will play a huge role but they have to evolve to address the cloud infrastructure which is going to come up very quickly,” feels Murali.


Further talking about its commitment towards partners, Murali reveals, “Barracuda is a 100% channel driven company, we do not sell to customers directly. We always work with partners. We recruit, train, enable and arm them with their technology requirement to help them to sell to customers and address customer requirements. Some of the partners sell specific products and some sell across the portfolio. But, we help every partner to get trained on all the technologies they want to work with us. Moreover, our portal is very accessible to partners. Over a period of time they do not need to depend on us as all the information is available on portal.”  

Partners Speak


Tanaj Jyotishi
National Product Manager – Security, Storage & Adobe, 
Comparex India    

“From association perspective, we are a premier partner of Barracuda Networks. Our main focus is cyber security and how Comparex in association with Barracuda can help customers to secure customer business not only at data center but also at the user level.

Comparex is in this business for last 32 years and our major focus verticals are IT/ITES, Manufacturing and BPO. With virtue of this alliance we are talking to CXOs and we are really geared up to take on this alliance to next level. Our major focus is ITES and Manufacturing.

Barracuda is one of the technology companies which help us from bringing technology to end customers, which helps them to address a lot of security concerns. If you look at today’s scenario the top CIOs always think how to secure the business. From the association perspective, we are getting good response and edge over the customers by taking technology which helps organization to secure their business. As a partner, we believe in bottom driven organization and we take best of the solutions to the customers. As an organization we are making benefits and mutual success for both Barracuda and Comparex.”


Arpit Trivedi
National Lead – IT Security, Software One

“Our association with Barracuda has been almost one and a half years in India. The duration of association as of now is pretty descent and smooth. From a relationship perspective it has been good. Recently a global tie up is happening between Barracuda and SoftwareOne to sell some of the cloud solutions which is in its final stage and will come out soon, where we will bundle Barracuda products along with Microsoft solutions and that would be a good cater for us going forward because everyone is moving towards Cloud solution these days.   

In India the top verticals would be IT/ITES which is a key area for any SI. Though we mainly focus on bigger customers as they contribute 80% to the business but we also focus on regionalization because we feel that entirely you cannot depend on a vertical. So you have to go for regionalization like Chennai as it’s a hub of manufacturing, Mumbai – a BFSI hub. So that is how we have done our regionalization and IT/ITES is our key focus.

We were known as a Microsoft player globally, so our main focus was to diversify our business into different verticals so that the business does not get stagnant and no single point of failure. As a result we have identified three to four publishers and Barracuda is one of our priorities, primarily because of the solutions and industry they cater. These were the primary reason to select Barracuda and it is helping us to create delta revenue for the company.”    


Sudhir Sharma 
CEO, Versatile Infosecurity  

“The association with Barracuda is quite long and we are doing almost all series including the Email, Web and Gateway Security. We started in around 2009-10 and it is a good association.

Versatile Infosecurity is a security company primarily. We have all products like Email, Web and Gateway security. In the past, we have done Archiving and Backup solutions as well. For us the security vertical is most fast growing market.

As a business person, the margins and leads are really safe, wherever we are working they are not allowing other person to work directly or indirectly. Barracuda’s knowledge sharing is very good and support is prominent. So it’s good product with best support and service.” 


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