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By VARINDIA    2017-05-09

Changing Lives Through Online Solutions

Just take a look at the whole world, information technology has made a tremendous change in everyone’s life. Right from a kid to adult everyone is experiencing the revolution in technology which has affected our lives to such an extent that today it is present in each and every aspect of our daily chores. Right from the moment we get up in the morning till we go back to bed in the night. I don’t think many of us are even using alarm clocks these days as we all have alarm clocks in our smartphones. These clocks are so smart that you can just put the alarm on snooze mode without even touching your phone just speak “wake me up after 10 minutes” and the alarm will go off exactly after 10 minutes. IT has made everything so simple for every one; communication is the best example we can talk about. Similarly, letters are on the verge of extinction today! It has made people fast and smart in every walk of life. We can stay connected with our loved once on the go, no need to go to a public telephone booth to call back home just to let them know that you are going to be late for dinner in the evening. Right from the advent of social media, staying connected with the world has altogether gone at a different level. People are posting live happenings around the world; people are becoming more informed, aware and educated.


IT has given a shape to our emotions in virtual world. Users are expressing a wide range of emotions with the help of “smileys” or emoticons; ironically it has escalated the value of a simple text message sent from a boy’s cellphone to something which is very emotional and intimate to a girl. Hike, WhatsApp and other messaging applications have banked very well on this opportunity and now life without WhatsApp feels incomplete.There is barely a possibility where one can be lost on roads while travelling when you are with your GPS enabled smartphone.Well, not only communication but entertainment is available in the smallest and the most compact form. In short, information technology has made us so comfortable in today’s world that we have cocooned ourselves in this blanket of comfort. We really don’t want to get out of that cocoon or we really can’t think of anything beyond comfort which can be provided by information technology. For a majority of people out there information technology is all about ease of access, comfort, entertainment, connectivity and much more.


Can information technology make a huge difference between life and death? Somewhere I feel many of us tend to overlook or ignore this fact but yes, it makes a huge difference in one’s life when it comes to life and death situation. Major companies and corporations of the world are today moving into providing healthcare solutions to hospitals and clinics. Many of them like Phillips, Siemens, GE, Bosch and HCL ventured into being a solution provider to healthcare establishments in India in the form applications and programs. These applications and programs have not only simplified the processes but it has also reduced the cost of infrastructure required for storage of data in the form of hardcopy and manpower required to manage the data. Information is stored on cloud now; simple piece of information can be accessed from multiple locations and from multiple devices. Many foremost healthcare institutions in India are able to provide a world class facilities and treatment with the help of IT and automation. Because of introduction of Hospital information system (HIS), picture and archival system (PACS) and electronic health record system (EHR) has enabled hospitals to provide high quality and 360o treatment for patient suffering from grave diseases like cancer.


Not only through applications but, IT has opened a new avenue or a totally new realm of possibilities through the concept called internet things (IoT). Internet of thing is a setup in which objects, animals or people are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. IoT has emerged from the convergence of wireless technologies, micro-electromechanical systems and internet. With the help of IoT everything and anything can be monitored installed with unique identifier viz. chip, sensor etc. A person installed with artificial pace maker and a sensor in his heart can be monitored from different locations and minute fluctuations in the working of the heart and can be registered in the system. Not only heart rate but sensors dedicated to particular function like blood supply rate, nutrition, IV drip frequency can also be monitored through IoT.


Looking at the difference that IT can make in a life and death situation, Pune based Ruby on Rails Company developed Kimaya NICU solution for NICUs of Indian hospitals with association with KEM hospital Pune. This breakthrough solution allows NICUs to calculate the exact amount and concentration of nutrients to be administered to the prematurely born neonates based on certain basic inputs such as body weight and special nutritional requirements. Through this solution Josh Software has tried to make a difference in the neonatal mortality rate which is a grave reality for a country like India.


Not only healthcare and comfort, but IT has many useful applications which can solve many issues infecting the world and society on a large scale if used and deployed in a right manner. Be it corruption, famines, natural calamities, terrorism, racial discrimination etc. all these problems plaguing the society can be prevented or eliminated with the help of information technology. There is more than comfort associated with IT, people just need to think out of box and get out of the cocoon of comfort provided by information technology which has transformed our lives and the world.


Gautam Rege
Co-founder and Managing Director
Josh Software Pvt. Ltd.