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CleverTap consolidates its Mobile Marketing Solutions to expand its partner ecosystem

CleverTap is expanding its Partner Ecosystem. Partners will benefit by joining forces with the best solution providers in the space, globally, and unearth new opportunities for monetization and knowledge sharing.


As part of the CleverTap Partner Ecosystem, partners can expand their mobile offerings and provide differentiated value to their customers. The ecosystem enables partners to amplify brand presence, expand target market, and drive revenue by acquiring users from new markets.


With a partner ecosystem comprised of download attribution, email and SMS message delivery, customer CRMs, marketing agencies, and more, marketers will have a lot of data available to solve holistic problems. By building a favourable and supportive breed of mobile offerings, CleverTap strives to enable personalized omnichannel marketing strategies across the entire user lifecycle.


“At CleverTap, we aim to empower mobile marketers to craft incredible customer experiences for their users,” says Almitra Karnik, Head of Marketing, CleverTap. “A connected marketing stack is the key to creating omnichannel experiences across each stage of the user adoption curve. With this ecosystem of mobile solutions, we want to set marketers up for success – from attribution and on-boarding to engagement and monetization to reducing churn.”


CleverTap is confident that, by working together, its Partner Ecosystem can solve the complex challenges that modern marketers experience every day. It looks forward to growing this ecosystem in the coming months and driving greater value for all its joint customers.