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CtrlS launches Tier-4 Banking Community Cloud

CtrlS has launched the Tier-4 Banking Community Cloud to address the needs of the banking community globally.


Banks are challenged by issues arising out of technology obsolescence and re-investment of costs again and again, complexities arising out of regulatory needs, business continuity, and security needs. Over a period of time, IT infrastructure has become extremely complex and even large organizations have challenges in addressing all these needs.


Tier-4 Banking Community Cloud is a reliable, on-demand self-service with rapid elasticity and measured services enable banks to optimize costs whilst maintaining desired levels of security, compliance management and efficiencies.


This unique Next-Generation “Bank in a Box” service with enhanced functionality is specifically tailored to meet the burgeoning digital needs of the financial industry with strong underlying IT governance to ensure effective and efficient usage of banking information technology infrastructure.


For example, a bank requires around 25 or so applications (such as ATM, Credit/Debit Cards, Mobile Apps, etc) to serve their business needs, apart from core banking and regular business apps like CRM/HR. To protect these IT applications from data loss and security breaches, banks usually have more than 40 controls using over 30 security tools. To deploy and manage these applications requires engagement of a large number of vendors, SLS, and service providers, and an in-house team to manage them.


CtrlS Banking Community Cloud (Bank-in-a-Box solution) helps reduce this complexity by providing all the required applications on their banking community cloud, and manages their infrastructure and applications with a single SLA.


Highlights of CtrlS Banking Community Cloud 

* Industry best uptime SLA of 99.995%

* Compliant with International and domestic standards [ISO 27001, NIST]

* Robust Security (with 40+ security controls)

* Elasticity (Scalability/De-scalability on demand)

* Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

* Improved agility, speed-to-market

* Ease of deployment


The services comply with the Indian Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines.


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