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CyberArk addressing the privileged access needs (PAM) of datacenters which are transforming to a hybrid cloud

CyberArk addresses the privileged access needs for the datacenter which are in a transformational models to hybrid or cloud.“We are working with few existing and many prospective datacenter customers on their requirement to help them create a managed PAM offering,” says Rohan Vaidya, Regional Director of Sales- India, CyberArk. 


While there’s growing demand from datacenters in India, recent developments in data regulation – both globally and in the region have heightened concerns about data transfer, protection and sovereignty. Whether replacing a legacy firewall with a new system or implementing a datacenter firewall for the first time, both require complex planning since both options provide the opportunity to start from scratch with a new (Zero Trust) network architecture to build an automated and centrally managed uniform security framework. 

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