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By VARINDIA    2016-08-26

Emerson Network Power brings Liebert XDR

Emerson Network Power has introduced the Liebert XDR in India. Liebert XDR is a heat exchanger that removes heat from IT racks before it even enters the data center. Liebert XDR packs in high density servers in a small footprint thereby eliminating the need for expansion or new facilities in Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs).


BB.Kale, Country Manger, Cooling Products, Emerson Network Power, India said, "SMB contribute up to 40% of India's IT spends but are faced with severe space and power constraints. The Liebert XDR saves on both as there is no need for fans to move heat across the room to wall or floor-mounted cooling systems. This translates into energy savings up to 48 percent compared to perimeter cooling, apart from the capital cost savings from not needing to expand or build a new facility to cope with growing business needs."


The Liebert XDR is said to include a connection of hard-piped, pumped-refrigerant lines through the rack door's hinge pivot points, which claims to enable it to be robust and leak-free through more than one million repeated door openings and extended periods of time with no movement. The Liebert XDR is expected to be utilized with existing Liebert XD installations, using the same flexible connections and hard piping.