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Essentially we need 3Es as best practices for conducting business in India

Mr. Vineet Goenka, Member – IT Taskforce, Ministries of Shipping, Road Transport & Highways said, “When we started the journey in 2014, we started addressing corruption, curtailments, curtails, complications and compulsions in public life. Taking this to the next level was more disturbing because there was delays, debts, diseases, more disabilities, distortion of facts. As we progressed, we thought that we have to stop this, which was going on in this country for several years. What was the element that can change this corruption, curtailment, disturbance etc. When we took it further, we talked about three Es - ethical business, the environment and economic viability. So even if you are ethically correct, environmentally right, we should not do a business which is not economically viable. We have to be practical and so let’s run this government with e-Governance.”