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For Juniper existing customers are  as important as potential customers 

Anshul Tripathi 
Director Partner Marketing- APAC & Head Marketing- India and South Asia, Juniper Networks

For Anshul Tripathi – Director Partner Marketing- APAC & Head Marketing- India and South Asia, Juniper Networks, marketing should be looked at a strategic department and an important function. “Marketing is very important to be aligned to the business, whether it is the kind of vertical that the business is focusing upon or the products and solutions that we want to take to the market. So that’s how I want the people in my organization to see marketing as a strategic department. My first objective for the year is alignment to my business. As a B2B marketing organisation and a marketing person in the company, we work around integrated campaigns around key offerings which is cloud, network transformation and security. So by integrated campaign what I mean is that we have a sustained engagement with the customer, right from offering him digital content - which is how a customer is consuming information these days to working together with the partner eco-system. We have a good partner visibility as we don’t go to the market directly. Anything we do in India is through partners. So it also becomes important for us to work along with the partner while we drive the customers and hence we work on joint campaigns. From the acquisition, retention and engagement point of view, I personally feel that retention is a key aspect for an organization,” explains Anshul.

So retention for Juniper as a marketing organization is the key to retaining the existing clients. For that it becomes important for the company to demonstrate the value of its products to its existing customers which will take them to the next level and they in turn deliver value to their customers. Juniper does it by building a customer community which helps it and also its customers and partners to support the complete product cycle, whether that be through marketing & sales support, customer relationship and lastly product support.

2017 has otherwise been a very good year for Juniper. In this calendar year – from January to December, Juniper has seen a stellar performance. In India Juniper today is a well established organization and its business identifies some key verticals. “With everything going digital nowadays, every vertical that is adopting a digital strategy is a prospective business vertical for us,” concludes Anshul.