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Going Paperless is the new mantra for Xerox

Balaji Rajagopalan
Executive Director
Technology, Channels & International Distributor Operations


Brand Positioning vs. Marketing Tactics

Xerox has been innovating and delivering new technologies and solutions that transform how people work. We are innovators, inventing and re-inventing solutions to create a diverse portfolio of hardware, software, solutions and services to support customers of all sizes. We are focused on leading innovation in automation, content management, digital communication, analytics and printing, which differentiates us from our competition. 

For a company like Xerox, which has been able to impact minds across all geographies, marketing plays an even more crucial role. We believe that the relevance and applicability of Digital Marketing in a Business to Business domain has increased manifold over the last few years. Marketing in Xerox is constantly evolving and we are using new digital marketing tools for lead generation, customer acquisition and thought leadership. In fact, one of our offerings to our channel partners is the Partner Portal which provides direct access to our sales and marketing tools, analysis and research materials to help them run events more smoothly.

New Business Roadmap

Xerox is currently investing in new business solutions and applications that help improve productivity and simplify the work process for a number of sectors, focusing mainly on the banking, health, hospitality, telecommunications, and government sectors. Managed Document Services (MDS) continues to be one of our main offerings. With the help of next generation services, we aim to maximum effectiveness, security, mobility and overall cost reduction. 

We are focussing on using IoT to digitize imperative assets and processes which will not only help growing our business but also increase operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional experiences to customers. 

This year we focused on the Tier 2 and 3 cities and the government’s digital initiatives of enhancing availability of electricity in smaller towns. We also are in line with the government’s plan and believe that digitization is touching each aspect of our lives. The MFPs also allow businesses to go beyond printing, scanning, faxing and copying, and gives channel partners the tools they need to capture new recurring revenue streams. 

We are also heavily investing in introducing innovative technologies to help organizations take the paperless path. Going paperless not only improves efficiencies and brings transparency at workplaces but it also helps in creating a truly “green” work environment by nearly eliminating paper, printing, shipping and other document handling costs. 


R&D driving Growth

Research and innovation are a critical element of Xerox’s strategy and research in such areas as artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, ethnography, inkjet and digital printing. Digital manufacturing will continue at our famed Silicon Valley based Palo Alto Research Center (PARC, A Xerox Company) and at the Xerox Research Center of Canada, as well as engineering for product development in locations throughout the globe.

Xerox strives to maintain its R&D investment in proportion to revenues and together with our joint venture Fuji Xerox, we invest approximately $1 billion annually in research, development and engineering.


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