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It's our vision to establish Optoma as the No.1 4K brand'

Gordon Wu, Assistant Vice President - Optoma APAC (Asia-Pacific) shares the trends that the IT industry has witnessed in 2017, the major achievements of the company and the opportunities it foresees in 2018 -


What were the major technology and market trends in 2017?


4K is definitely the hottest topic in 2017, and it is expected to get more and more prevailing in 2018. Multiple new 4K projectors were launched in 2017, and we think the cost-effective 4K projectors with high-quality images will be the trend in the future.


Optoma is the leading brand to launch affordable 4K home theater projectors, delivering high-quality 4K images and spectacular sound experience to our customers. It’s our vision to establish Optoma as the No.1 4K brand. We will keep cultivating the 4K line-up products in 2018 to fulfill various demands from different customers. We are confident that our diversified product portfolio will undoubtedly achieve the goal in the near future.


Do you believe any technology buzzwords from 2017 that will kick-off in 2018?


For the list of the “Top 12 technology buzzwords in 2017” that shared on internet, we would say “Augmented/Virtual Reality” is already happening, and there are plenty of applications worth exploring.


Coretronic, Optoma’s parent company, is devoted to developing the most advanced technology for AR/VR, and has drawn lots of attention from its customers. Following Coretronic, Optoma will keep connecting itself to the latest technology, offering a more comprehensive solution to its customers.


In addition to AR/VR, “Artificial Intelligence” will be the great invention highly developed in 2018. More and more first-line jobs shall be replaced by automation or AI in the near future, such as clerks at convenience store or gas stations.


How has 2017 been for your company and business?


2017 is a successful and fruitful year for Optoma India. As announced in this June, the target of Optoma India in 2017 is to re-enter the retail channel. We have not only made it happen, but also have our business in India grown by more than 50%, thanks for the support from our ESP, corporate and AV partners.


What were your major achievements in the year 2017?


Optoma has been dedicated to developing projectors in all categories with the best performance/cost ratio. In 2017, it brings the high-quality full HD pictures to the home entertainment market of India. Optoma’s first home cinema 4K projectors, UHD60 and UHD65, were launched at Infocomm India Exhibition in September 2017, and were widely recognized by the AV partners.


Did you enter / expand your operations into new markets in 2017?


The main objective of Optoma India in 2017 is to expand into the home entertainment market and professional installation projection market (Pro-AV application). In addition to enhancing our sales strength in home vertical, we also cooperated with S.I. partners to advance our Pro-AV solutions into education and government segments.


How do you foresee opportunities for 2018?


2018 will be the year for home entertainment and Pro-AV applications. As the leading projection solution provider worldwide, Optoma will keep providing comprehensive solutions to the Indian market.


Will you be investing more in terms of expansion of your market reach, channel programs and general marketing?


The projection and Pro-AV application market of India plays a very important role for Optoma in the Asia Pacific region. So yes, we are definitely planning to have more channel partner meets, and to invest more in road shows and marketing events to achieve our target.