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Radware business has always been driven by system integrators

Jaspal Sharma        
Technical Head - India & Middle East (Govt, PSU) - Radware

“If you go through the Radware history, primarily our business is provided and driven by the big system integrators. So here it’s a great platform to interact with the people, partners and the channel who are not competing with the big SIs but they are focusing on specific accounts and specific geographies. And this is where Radware is trying to work and emphasize more into the channel. This is a great opportunity for us to represent our solution. Of course everybody loves the business and we see a lot of potential and positive vibes from the channel partners. 

From the security point of view, there are lot of illegal activities selling in terms of denial of service (DoS) as a service, hacking as a service which people are availing. As far as our channel vision for 2018 is concerned, we will try to spread user awareness as much as possible among our customers and partners and the pros and cons of using these services.”