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Luminous launches “Regalia”, a wall-mounted power backup system

Luminous Power Technologies has announced the launch of REGALIA in the southern states of the country. It’s a revolutionary lithium ion-based power backup system that can be wall-mounted and comes loaded with multiple user-friendly features. Regalia is a compact power backup system that has been designed in an aesthetically pleasing and modern style with an expected lifespan of up to 10 years. It uses the integrated lithium ion battery technology which makes it maintenance free and removes the need of periodic water top-up. Regalia is also future-ready, offering consumers the option to charge Regalia with regular mains supply or through solar panels harnessing abundant solar energy.


Regalia has been designed to suit modern sensibilities to seamlessly blend with the home décor for both contemporary and traditionally styled homes. It enables users to stay connected using Wi-Fi. It also has a touchscreen to view backup time, charging time or for configuration. It is safe, eliminating the risk of accidental contact by doing away with wires, terminals and includes an in-built safety mechanism to protect appliances from voltage surges and short circuits.


Vipul Sabharwal, Managing Director, Luminous Power Technologies, says, “At Luminous, we consistently strive towards excellence in quality and performance. We take great pride to come up with path-breaking products Indian consumers have never seen before. Regalia is our most sophisticated and smartest power backup system. With Regalia, we are bringing a whole new experience to our consumers that will change the way power backup technology is perceived. Regalia is smart, safe, stylish, solar-ready, has an everlasting battery and is maintenance free. It truly is a revolutionary power backup system. We feel that the tech-oriented markets in Southern India are ready to adopt a high-tech product like Regalia.”

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