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McAfee constantly tries to simplify cyber security for a wider audience acceptance

McAfee’s focus as one of the largest pure play cybersecurity players has been to be torch bearers for the industry. “We have been leading the way to promote awareness through all our marketing efforts and sensitize consumers as well as enterprises about evolving security threats. Awareness prompts readiness and owning this onus has been a major imperative for McAfee. We also engage with our stakeholders and customers on a regular basis because cybersecurity has now moved from a back-office reality of IT into the boardroom. Since Cybersecurity is a complex domain, we are also constantly working on how we can simplify the message for it to resonate with a wider audience since it’s something that concerns everybody.  This has been our success mantra leading to many major achievements in 2016-17,” explains Rupa Roy, Head of Marketing, APAC - McAfee. 

Owing to India being the hotbed for growth, it’s one of the fastest growing markets for McAfee in APAC. The company has been growing in double digits over the last several years and it expects to continue that trajectory across public and private sector. As a testament of this growth, McAfee in India has partnered with approximately 49% of ET 500 and aim to cover 60% of ET500 companies, with an overall target to increase the customer base by 20%.

Additionally, building on established ongoing relationships with leading OEM manufacturers like LG & Samsung, McAfee now also associated with one of the leading consumer electronics company Micromax. With these marquee partnerships, it has successfully expanded its security footprint in India.

McAfee believes that any organization’s digital transformation needs a connected architecture to share intelligence and orchestrate security operations in real time. Rupa explains, “When a house is being built, a number of factors are considered. All these factors are considered as standalone and as a whole i.e. how they would impact other considerations. Example, a bigger drawing room could mean a smaller kitchen. Digital transformation can be considered on similar lines where security is inherent and not an afterthought.  Isolated products create coverage gaps, impair visibility, sap budgets, and leave incident responders dealing with targeted attacks, scrambling and reacting.”

To enable such industry leading collaboration, McAfee’s Open DXL leverages the McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL) that enables unprecedented collaboration in an open, real-time system. 


Rupa Roy
Head of MArketing, APAC - McAfee


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