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NetApp builds a success story  around Flash Storage

Parag Amalnerkar
Marketing Leader, India & South Pacific – NetApp

NetApp believes that “Intensity” is better than “Extensity” – which means instead of spreading resources over multiple messages, choose the best story and invest all resources in it. For NetApp, the best story is Flash (due to the most complete and differentiated portfolio in the industry) and it has duly invested in it.


“We are the fastest growing flash vendor globally; growing faster than the market with over $1B of annualized revenue. In India too, we have frequently attained #1 position in terms of market share. Of course, it’s marketing that acts as the headlights of an organization and guides to what’s the next best bet towards success. For instance, all data suggested that All Flash will be in excess of 50% of the external storage market by CY2020.Therefore, since we had the obvious advantages of Flash in terms of power, cooling, density and reducing prices, it made sense for NetApp to bat on the front foot and move the battle away from legacy leaders; to fight with this new approach. The results speak for themselves. We are increasingly the predominant and preferred All Flash brand of choice in enterprises and our QoQ and YoY growth is amongst the highest in the market,” says Parag Amalnerkar, Marketing Leader, India & South Pacific – NetApp.


On digital transformation, Parag cites that each enterprise must undergo digital transformation to remain competitive. To do so, they should first and foremost define milestones with clear KPI’s supported by adequate market expertise to help outline and measure these goals. Secondly, the enterprises need to focus on the best of both technology and talent – a convergence of in-house and partnership skills that will aid this journey. And last but not the least, this transformation has to be CEO led but driven by the CIO.