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Organizations accelerating their digital journey are demanding better security

“Organizations are accelerating their digital transformation and the journey warrants better security. In digital world the systems would be connected exchanging information at lightning speed. This exchange would be open not only with systems and users internal to the organization but outside the organization too. Plus this exchange has to be real time for a richer experience.This warrants a Zero Trust approach when it comes to security. With this approach, the IT team adopts a mindset of ‘we don’t trust anybody’, and only by explicitly allowing users to access systems, can trust be established.

To achieve this one must do two important things in the IT Security Framework - Apply proper security controls and Vigilant security operations.Security Architecture appropriateness can be achieved when the current traditional security controls are refreshed with next generation controls which provides more information and provides capability to take contextual policy decision. Above this it also provides a capability to integrate the controls among themselves so that contextual information can be exchanged for better decision making. A central integration bus to integrate these controls is the best way to achieve this,” explains BalajiSubramaniam, National Business Manager, Hybrid Cloud, Dimension Data, India.

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