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Roadmap of Artificial Intelligence in Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) was a buzzing trend, witnessed by 2016. AI has left its mark on significant sectors – be it biggies of ecommerce and OEMs players to attracting investors, Al has stirred up the tech world, and its wave has just begun, 2017 will witness the AI boom in its full capacity. Artificial intelligence is primarily used to look for patterns in the past to predict future behavior.


2016 explored just a cluster of many promising features of AI. The technology is gearing up its next move in commercial market, and is expected to exceed expectations in the domain. The market segments are working hard to find a substitute for human intelligence – as a result, we have optimum solutions that are personalized and conceptualized in real-time.


AI has been ruling the roof of fashion ecommerce industry. The technology has been popular among the big players and because of its smarter, intuitive and intelligent processes; AI would soon be adopted by a majority of industry-specific verticals.


58% of technology professionals have been researching on AI, but only 12% have adopted it, according to Forrester; known for its tech surveys. The foremost reason could be AI is still a baby in the market and its understanding and potential may take time. AI systems require specialized skills and a develop-it-yourself attitude.


Frameworks - Facebook’s and Howdy’s Slack bot are focusing on conversion into Visual Basic of AI, conceptualizing the point-and-click development of intelligent conversational interfaces to relatively remote and obsolete developers. Tools like Bonsai, Keras, and TensorFlow helps in making deep learning models comprehensive. Cloud platforms like Google’s APIs and Microsoft Azure aid in creating intelligent apps, eliminating any errors in setting up and maintaining accompanying infrastructure.


Till now, AI was being used in the fashion industry space to a great extent. However, with a growing demand for wholesome intelligent process, AI is going to be a regular name in other industry domains as well.


Financial technology players and healthcare sector would be the first to get embroiled in the initial adoption game. The FinTech sector is on edge because of the demonetization drive by the Indian Government. The growing need to focus on e-KYC and convert the documentation process from real to virtual quick, AI is the way to go.


Healthcare sector can benefit tremendously from AI. Medical Imaging, a technology prominent in healthcare, and enabled by AI can open doors to a lot of healthcare innovations, simultaneously, it will also bridge the gaps of geographical distances, ensuring the best of healthcare services is made available to all and sundry.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning influenced the IT worldwide. 2016 witnessed India surpass the US in the number of Internet users, only second to China. India maintained the tag of fastest growing mobile market in world. This directly translated into enterprise mobility based startups and applications. Demonetization triggered cashless movement, bringing an upside for e-wallet apps like Paytm, Freecharge, MobiKwik. AI and machine learning will continue to dominate the 2017.


Although, AI dominance can pose some concerns, it may lead to a shift in preference of taking manual jobs over nuanced robotic experiences in future.