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RP tech India bullish on Gaming Hardware Business in India

RP tech India is bullish over the booming Gaming business in India. A distributor of Gaming hardware solution said that it thrives to become a “One-Stop Shop” for all Gaming requirements of the “budding Gamers” community in the country.


The youngest country in the world with more than 65-per cent population under the age of 35, India is the highest potential market for the Gaming vendors. According to the joint study of Google India and KPMG, Indian online gaming industry is expected add 190 million gamer(s) and become a US$1-billion opportunity by 2021.


Improved broadband, increasing number of smartphones users, higher disposable incomes and the introduction of new gaming genres and competitions are the key factors driving the growth of the industry. With 4G services at affordable cost, the online gamer base in the country is expected to grow further. Though mobile Gaming is a primary driver of this growth, the PC and Console Gaming business is also growing at a consistent pace.


Significantly, with the rising awareness and affordability, Gaming is rapidly emerging as a full-time profession. On the other side, various national and international gaming competitions are luring youngsters to consider Gaming as their source of livelihood. As more young people are entering into the professional Gaming space, it has triggered demand for Gaming hardware.


Although at a higher side in term of cost, high configured Gaming PCs, components and accessories such as headsets are in huge demand among the extreme and professional gamers community. RP tech India is uniquely positioned in the Gaming hardware space with its comprehensive product portfolio and wide coverage.


“Gaming is not only the future growth driver of the IT business but it will also uplift the traditional IT business. With our vast distribution network of 50 branches, 50 service centres and 9,000+ partners spread in over 750 locations, we vow to become the ‘One-Stop Shop’ for all Gaming requirements of Indian users,” said Rajesh Goenka, Director – Sales & Marketing, RP tech India.


RP tech India is developing an online configurator for Gaming PCs, where end-users can choose and buy their respective components and accessories according to their budget. The vision behind the online configurator is to offer a plethora of Gaming hardware solutions to users at a single click.


Though the Gaming hardware business is growing consistently, the cost factor and availability still makes it a “class category” with major demand driven by professional gamers. However, Goenka believes that as the industry progresses and disposable income of end-users rises, demand will grow multifold in the next 3-5 years.


“In my opinion, the rise in awareness and disposable income of end-users, the price factor will no longer remain an obstacle in the growth of this industry. Gaming hardware is designed with high-end configurations to give seamless Gaming experience, which is not possible with regular PC hardware. Passionate Gamers understand this difference and hence invest in high-end Gaming devices,” Goenka concluded.

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