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Sanjay Singh Gahlod (General Manager), System & IT Department, Oriental Rubber India

"A CIO should always think proactive and always sync with the world, what is going on nearby, what are the new things available, the technology that they are analysing how same can be benefited to my business growth and at the same time we should always think the solution’s pros and cons. The solution should be environment and echo-friendly; CIO should have a 360 degree approach towards any issue or any solution.


CIO action should not be always only monitory benefit, but sometimes it should be time saving, sometime accurate, which indirectly will contribute towards business growth.


We are in the process now to remove Buda (Unnecessary doing things) on daily routine and trying to remove those things or giving solution from system so that we can save time and energy and the same time can be utilized in effective work resultant will be contributing towards business growth.


People always talked about right information on right time but no one has data on what action should be taken on those data or how to percolate in a good way.


I have started circulating daily sales reports with lots of permutation and combinations to all concern users. While analysing the data we have results like -

1. Highest daily sales figure

2. Highest weekly sales figure

3. Highest monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly for past three years.

4. Line wise highest production daily, weekly, monthly etc.


A modern CIO should choose technology which should be cost effective and easily deployable. A CIO should be open for new technology and prime focus should be data security and instant IT up time in case of failure."


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