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TAIT reconstitutes its new Board of Directors for 2018-19

Trade Association of Information Technology (TAIT) has announced the formation of Board of Directors that will lead the association to achieve newer goals and targets. Apart from the addition of new members, the new Board has also created specific subcommittees, comprising of select directors that will focus on key functions of the committee. Along with the new Board and the subcommittees, TAIT has mapped a three-point focus agenda that includes –


  1. Drive membership growth by adding new members from IT trade to the association
  2. Create a more meaningful and engaging Knowledge series platform by driving participation through feedback
  3. Revitalize TAIT’s flagship event – ComIT in this year, making it a bigger, better and memorable experience for the industry


The New Board of Directors for TAIT for 2018-19 is as under:


Sr. No.

Director’s Name

Company Name



Samir Parekh

Brainpoint Computer Consultancy



Magan Gangani

Newtrack Computers Pvt. Ltd



Viren Bavishi

Sapphire Micro Systems

General Secretary


Sameer Mehta

Computer Corner




Techlink Infoware Pvt. Ltd



Ajay Parekh

ShreeMaat Computers



Parag Shah

Futech Computers



Sunil Thariani

Sound Solutions



Pravin G. Dhoka

Ortek Computers



Jitendra Bhuta

Harsh Enterprise

Co-opted Director


Devendra Sayani


Co-opted Director


Nitin Phagwani

Systematics Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Co-opted Director


Sameer Parekh, President, TAIT, says, “We are grateful for the opportunity of leading this esteemed IT association and would like to assure all members and the fraternity that the new board is determined to take forward the legacy of TAIT from our predecessors and continue striving for excellence, growth, well-being and development of our members and the fraternity at large.”


Among the 12 Directors, the Board has created 13 different committees to ensure a smooth and functional association that is efficient in performing all of its focus duties.


Apart from the above, TAIT has also been actively involved in giving back to the society. Led by Samir Mehta, they recently conducted the annual notebook distribution initiative where free notebooks were distributed to the needy employees of member’s businesses and also to those outside of the field of IT, through contribution members. This year, notebooks were also distributed to the flood victims of Kerala, along with a TAIT Kerala Fund sent up by the board where members contributed generously.


As a leading association for IT, TAIT has been setting an example of holistic growth, knowledge-driven engagement and creating a meaningful difference in the life and businesses of partner members. As part of these initiatives, the New Board has already started working on TAIT’s Annual Events. One of them is the highly anticipated “TAIT Annual Winter Business Networking Meet”, which is scheduled to be held during the fourth week of December. The event hosts vendors and offers ample networking opportunities to TAIT members during the evening meetings.

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