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Telebu and DC of Shivamogga install "grptalk" for Karnataka State Revenue Department

Telebu has deployed its marquee audio conferencing product – “grptalk” – for the revenue department of Karnataka in Shivamogga. Deputy Commissioner K. A. Dayanand kick-started the first grptalk call in Shivamogga by calling a reporter present at the event and wishing him a “Happy New Year”. This conference call facility, grptalk, is expected to enable the administration to communicate with over 5,000 officers from different departments on a single call, simply through the phone.


K. A. Dayanand, DC of Shivamogga, says, “The enterprises today are innovating and building products that are transforming the way we have worked over the years. To this effect, we are pleased to launch grptalk in Shivamogga. The conference call facility offers a great experience, making it easier for me to connect to my team and oversee daily activities. Furthermore, the application enables us to check member participation, mute or unmute participants easily to streamline and better manage the conference call, collect feedback and understand the pulse of the participants. Along with me, the conference call also features ADC, Tehsildar, Managers, village accountants, helping nearly 400 participants connect easily at a single time, simply with our phones.”


Satya Kalyan Yerramsetti, CEO, Telebu, comments, “We are glad to join hands with Deputy Commissioner K. A. Dayanand and together launch grptalk for the revenue department in Shivamogga. Our audio conferencing solution lets the host talk to a large group of people, often more than 10,000 participants, from any smartphone. The calls are connected via PSTN lines, enabling participants to conference call instantly, without needing to connect to the internet or download grptalk. The app works on a dial-out capability, thus eliminating any delays in starting the conference call. With such superior quality and industry-first capabilities packed into a single product, we are certain that grptalk will help the officials of Shivamogga better oversee the important and everyday activities.”


grptalk is going to transform the way in which the officials have been working. The application utilizes PSTN or regular phone lines to offer effortless and enhanced connectivity. Other available solutions, such as video calling, are limited in reach due to network strength. Officials needed to travel to urban areas or hotspots with good network strength, in order to communicate. However, utilizing PSTN or regular mobile networks, grptalk connects calls even in low network settings, letting people conference call from anywhere, and eliminate travel time.


Post the deployment of grptalk, any queries or concerns for the Tehsildars, Managers, Village accountants (more than 200-300 participants) can be resolved on the call in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, as every accountant will be on the call, it will also eliminate the need to answer the same query multiple times, saving hours that can be invested in more productive activities. Everyday management and weekly calls can also be done via grptalk, thus streamlining work and making operations transparent and effective.

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