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Toshiba delights its Storage Partners with a trip to Bali

Under the FTS scheme, Toshiba, along with Rashi Peripherals and Balaji Solutions, has offered 89 Storage Partners a trip to Bali, Indonesia.


As part of its Partner Engagement initiatives, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation successfully concluded its flagship Foreign Trip Scheme (FTS) for partners. Under the scheme, Toshiba, along with Rashi Peripherals and Balaji Solutions, took 89 Storage partners an exotic trip to Bali, Indonesia.


According to the company, the FTS is a target-based scheme from Toshiba, where Storage partners get foreign junket for achieving sales targets. This year, 89 partners from B- and C- class cities were taken to Bali to felicitate and celebrate their success. The scheme was based on two major product categories, namely External HDD and Surveillance HDD.


The FTS provided a platform to all partners to engage and interact with the senior leadership of Toshiba, Rashi Peripherals and Balaji Solutions.


Partners were thrilled to enjoy the scenic beauty of the beautiful city Bali and enjoy their much-needed break after year-long hectic business schedule. Commenting on the tour, one of the partners Jeyakumar, Proprietor of Madurai-based Easy Technologies, said, “It was a fabulous trip to Bali and it was a great experience to see the scenic beauty and culture of the nation. It was also a good platform to meet fellow partners and interact with the senior management of Toshiba and Rashi Peripherals.”


Another partner, Devraj Vaniya, Proprietor of Surat-based Gurukripa CCTV Camera Solution, said, “I learned about the latest product portfolio from Toshiba. The company also shared their roadmap with partners. Such kind of events, help in understanding the company’s vision in the particular business and market and accordingly we as partners can align with them and help to expand our business.”


The Rashi Peripherals, Balaji Solutions and Toshiba team members were encouraged with the positive feedback about FTS from the partners. Commenting on the event, Polad Garda, Country Manager, Toshiba India, said, “The FTS is a recognition and appreciation of our partners’ commitment to Toshiba. The scheme gives our partners the much-needed break from their extensively busy lifestyle. It was really heartening to witness a great participation and fun-filled four days of holidaying which was highly appreciated by all the partners. I also congratulate Rashi and Balaji teams for their contribution in making this trip a grand success. I express my gratitude to all our partners for their commitment to Toshiba Storage business in India.”


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