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We want every partner to build the skill set required for selling

Vikramjeet Bhatti        
Managing Director - India & SAARC, Stratus Technologies

“We pick and choose partners. And if we choose to work with any partners, it means that they should have some amount of control on their businesses. Selling strategies require a certain skillset and not every partner would be able to do that. We enable our partners to regain control of the account they are doing business with. We are talking to CIOs and Managing Director of a customer account and for that there is a certain class of partners who can do that. Once we get the partner on board the primary objective is to help them gain significant trust in their set accounts with our solutions and secondly improve their profitability not just in terms of margins but in terms of improving and reducing the service cost. We depend on our partners for services and then come the reach. We also depend on the partners for educating customers about options which are available.”