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VOTO smartphone now available at Rashi Peripherals

Rashi Peripherals has offered the long-awaited VOTO smartphone in India starting from today. Rashi Peripherals is the exclusive distributor of VOTO in the western and northern states.


VOTO is a sub-brand of global mobile handset manufacturer Xunrui Communications Co. Ltd. The company recently made its debut in India by announcing the launch of three smartphones – VOTO V2, VOTO V2i, and VOTO V4. VOTO has tied up with Rashi

Peripherals with an aim to leverage its wide coverage and robust distribution network to become leading Smartphone brand in India.


“Our extensive knowledge and wide network in India make us the most reliable partner for the consumer technology brands. This is one of the reasons why VOTO has chosen us as their partner. Our smart approach will help VOTO in establishing their presence in India,” said Kapal Pansari, Director, Rashi Peripherals.


The distribution house has also launched “I Love VOTO” campaign to spread awareness about VOTO smartphone among retail partners.


Rajesh Goenka, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Rashi Peripherals, said, “Rashi Peripherals is known for taking challenges in shaping the Indian consumer technology market. We have partnered with many brands and helped them establish in the Indian market. VOTO is a great brand with a portfolio of feature-led martphones. It has been launched in India at the right time when the Indian ecosystem is ready for smart technologies. We are ready to make VOTO popular in western and northern India.”


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