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Xavient to provide 3G and 4G/LTE Network Management Solution to Enterprises

Xavient Information Systems has reported that it has become an LTE Software Vendor with their 3/4G Network Configuration Management Solution. Xavient will offer dynamic Configuration Management solution for Huawei 3G and 4G/LTE networks.


Rajeev Tandon, CEO, Xavient Information Systems, shared, “We are absolutely confident about this move and are looking forward to it. The telecom industry is going through a fundamental transformation as service providers grapple with changing expectations from subscribers about innovation, quality of user experience, and how people are using data.” 


He added, “With the advancement of technology in networking space, there has been a huge drift in the way consumers use mobile networks. Bearing in mind, the progress and expansion of the telecom industry, we are expecting a lot of opportunities coming our way that will help us extending our telecom expertise to benefit telecom players in this area.”


Inspired by this move, Xavient plans to develop and deliver additional high value solution to the the Global 3G wirelesses and 4G/LTE Wireless CDMA and GSM markets. These offers will enable and ensure the highest levels of bandwidth utilizaton, reduced latency and a better overall customer experience while opening up lucrative new growth opportunities for service providers.