VARINDIA has been the mouthpiece of Indian Information, Communication and Telecommunication (ICT) Industry as most watched and most credible technology news network in India from last 18 years. Its dedicated and innovative programming has brought into focus a number of social issues ranging from recognising the best brands to Chief Marketing Officers to Chief Information Officers in India; VARINDIA IT Cups for Sports; Support My State; the Corporate Sports Championships and the most recent CSR & sustainability in India, campaigns. Seen as an honest, unbiased and fearless crusader, VARINDIA’s sustained and award winning campaigns as the StarNite award (Channel leadership awards) against the competition to bring revolution and deeper technology growth in the country.

As the connected electronics is a huge sector of the technology industry: consumer behaviour and spending patterns are shifting as incomes are rising and Indian society is evolving. These shifts have big implications for how companies position themselves now. This convergence of technologies has resulted in a greater demand for consumer devices, be they portable, in-home (mobile phones, digital camera, wearables), in-office (tablets, PCs) or in-car (DVD players, USB, SSD and headsets) offering multiple functions in all products and services into Information communications & Technology from the early 2000.

Secondly, radical improvement in productivity and managing complexity with intelligence by various technology companies come to VARINDIA because we help them rise to these challenges. VARINDIA thinks differently about products testing. Like looking into a crystal ball, testing still looks promising for real people. Apart from testing for quality at the end, we focus on it throughout the application and technology lifecycle to understand the complexity in technology orchestration.

Going forward, our innovation process cuts across functional boundaries as all organizations care about their bottom line. It is a fact that costs can be reduced and application reliability improved and we go one step further. We work with you to improve testing productivity through predictive analytics, automation and industry specialization while also driving higher quality across your application lifecycle as the business demands the highest level of application availability and stability.

Continuing its focus on tech test centre, technology too is getting more complex and with the speed and cost of IT budgets continue to be limited and the new realities—social, mobility, analytics and cloud—are fundamentally changing the way companies do business, opening new avenues to customers, markets and growth at an unprecedented rate, with this there are chances of certain low graded products could enter the industry to disrupt the digital India life cycle. In the complex world of computers there may be many factors, some not obvious, contributing to the performance measured by a given benchmark. Engineers in the test centre are under intense pressure to quickly and thoroughly test products and applications (hardware/software) to support a wide variety of devices sacrificing quality and speed of delivery. Therefore, it is important to identify the complete benchmark environment.

Lastly, our focus is to provide meaningful services to our customers while also promoting their features, deeper penetration, and utility of the corporates we serve and VARINDIA Test centre offers an intelligent approach to testing strategy and execution to help you unlock the potential of your products and reduce the cost of poor quality to circulate in the industry.