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Consumers are the brand  ambassadors for Dell 

Ritu Gupta
Director, Marketing, Consumer & Small Business - Dell, India

An innovative product/solution is at the heart of any brand’s relationship with its customers. Dell’s innovation to consistently deliver solutions that match varying user needs has been instrumental in defining the trust it has built with customers over the years. “It is this innovation around which customer engagement is built. Product innovation, accessibility across various media, sustained conversations, and extended support beyond the point of purchase, come together to create a cushion of trust between the brand and its consumers,” says Ritu Gupta, Director, Marketing, Consumer & Small Business - Dell, India.

She further continues, “While our products are the focal point, sharable content and content around the Dell brand also feature as a part of our content strategy. Dell delivers consumer campaigns through the year, which are crafted to cater to various audiences based on their unique technology requirements and usage patterns. Our campaigns engage with various user groups including students, youth and young professionals to encourage the use of the PC for the fulfilment of personal and professional aspirations.”

Dell’s most recent initiative Dell Aarambh, a pan India ‘PC for education’ initiative, was born out of an in-depth evaluation of the consumers’ attitude towards the personal computer and the role it plays in their lives.

As a technology brand, Dell’s users are always scouting for information they can use in their day to day lives. Social media, as a tool offers extensive reach to interact - listen and respond, with its audience. The customers, for whom it builds innovative technology solutions are Dell's brand ambassadors. A business is successful when it delivers a compelling value proposition to its customers. A comprehensive marketing strategy enables customers to wholly understand this proposition. No consumer brand can make an impact on its target audience without winning a certain level of the consumer’s trust. A well-crafted strategy not only builds customer’s trust but also ensures that the relationships between the brand and its customers is sustained.

“Our belief in understanding our customers’ needs enables us to deliver technology that can transform their lives. This fulfilling relationship ensures that our customers see us not just as an enabler, but as a technology companion who can complement their capabilities and can maximize their achievements,” concludes Ritu.