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Kalinga Digital Media (KDMPL) has been part of High-Tech and media industry, with specialization into Information communications & Technology (ICT) industry in India since 1999. Nearing 20 years of commitment to make the country technology friendly and make technology reach every Indian consumer has made VARINDIA a popular name and market leader in B2B segment in the country. Our effort is to bring technological revolution by continually updating you with latest news, views and analysis which is of relevance.

With two decades of experience in the Indian ICT industry, VAR INDIA (a powerful media vehicle to promote and market their products, services and solutions) is the most credible resource for the technology companies and technocrats. Our strategy for the event segment is to bring the right content that can help bring value to your customers so that they keep coming back.

There's a whole gamut of technology available to help you make the most out of your event spending. One of the best benefits of involving technology in your event marketing strategy is excellent brand communication — far more effective and cheaper than what traditional channels can offer.

Kalinga Digital Media is a strong mandate to support all the Government initiatives on Make in India, Skill India, Start-up India and CSR initiatives through its three publications in the Print as well as electronic medium. Event holds immense potential for your overall marketing strategy.

Kalinga Digital Media supports the wave of the new medium – the Digital Media (social media). We feel it as the strategic importance to position the communications of the Industry. One of the most effective and successful marketing tools we use for the brands to reach to the next level.

It has been an amazing journey for being a part of this Information and digital age. The coming issue of Brand Book will unveil the top ten technology sections. We have the mandate to offer you loads of new opportunities to rock in this digi world.

As a B2B company, your business thrives on building and maintaining relationships with clients. Because of that, it’s important to continually look for ways to include clients in your endeavours. One of the best ways to do that is to host industry specific events.

Our experience says that events are a great way to attract new clients and improve your standing with existing ones.