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Paytm Money Limited has now integrated Apple's personal assistant Siri for its iOS users in its latest app version.   Based on the usag...Read more..

ZNetLive has associated with Shopaccino, an e-commerce platform. The tie-up aims to deliver best-in-class software services to businesses, especially...Read more..

iVVO has announced the launch of its e-commerce operations to more than 19,000 PIN codes across India. iVVO customers can now also purchase its smart...Read more..

As per news reports, online retailers, Amazon and Flipkart, have rolled out a host of finance options this festive season, including an interest-free...Read more..

It’s easy to make huge mistakes in business. Even if you’re good at your job, and you have all the variables in mind, it’s impossibl...Read more.., under the aegis of its Amazon Cares program, has partnered with American- Indian Foundation (AIF) to establish and launch a Community Resou...Read more..

The datacenter houses and maintains back-end information technology (IT) systems and data stores—its mainframes, servers and databases. Whether...Read more..

Application Delivery Network (ADN) is the combination of WAN optimization controllers (WOCs) and application delivery controllers (ADCs). It is an adv...Read more..

Anti-virus software (abbreviated as AV software) is a computer program used to prevent, detect, and remove malware. If properly installed on a compute...Read more..