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By VARINDIA    2019-01-18

Dheeraj Chawla, CMO/CIO, Shib Dass & Sons

“In today's world it’s the macro prospective of looking towards the things that really matters and not the micro one. We have to look into taking into consideration for any situation a long term prospective. Being a CIO/CMO of an organization comes with tremendous challenges, any decision to be taken for implementation have to be seen in the light of feasibility, reliability really needed and if so a proper timing need to be attached to it so that it’s not so soon that it is too costly or it is not so later that a new technology is in place. CIOs, CFOs, CEOs or any head of the organization should tune things as per business objectives as a core. The decisions should add to simplicity and more productivity in return working as a catalyst where a proper RoI is visible.


As a CIO/CMO you are expected to prove the RoI for each and every proposal made but i think all proposal made or proposed should be done in the light of flexibility approach of handling if needed by time, scalability really matters and a timely review is a must for best implementation. Yes attitude always matters.


The modern CIO is not a person with a bundle of technical knowledge only but is a person who is flexible in taking the role of CFO, CMO in thinking as it is apt said that the best person is the one who can read the others mind well. Multitasking, Multidimensional, Multithinking is the new mantra.”

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