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Digital Revolution... can get rid of corruption

S.Mohini Ratna,

A year ago, it would have defied imagination that Cabinet ministers, powerful politicians, senior officials and CEOs would ever make a beeline to Tihar jail awaiting trials. But now this has become a reality, thanks to the digital revolution as well as the awakening in, as also the unremitting efforts of, the self-assured and impatient new middle class against corruption. We need leadership who can take tough decisions and deal firmly with this hydra-headed evil.   

Since the opening of the Indian economy in the early 1990s, the economy has been witnessing stellar growth. However, this growth comes to naught when a major chunk of the development funds are siphoned off for vested interests. So, it will be in the fitness of things if this evil is dealt with renewed vigour and a sense of propriety.  

Apart from providing employment to millions and giving impetus to the economy, IT has also proved to be a blessing in disguise for those willing to fight corruption. There is not a shadow of doubt that e-Governance can help reduce corruption and improve accountability by making budgets and progress reports of major public projects. Providing free accessibility to any citizen and identifying people responsible for causing delay in decision making will work wonders. IT has already put India on the world map and Government has readily accepted IT for governance. This has made India a destination of choice for global investors. 

Let us wait and watch how corruption can be rooted out.

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